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Parallel Lines
Parallel Lines

In House Projects

TrueTalent continues to be a resource and incubator for arts and entertainment novices and professionals alike.  Dedicated to initiating a modern day renaissance, TrueTalent creates productions for artists to cultivate their gifts and develop their talents to the highest professional level available.

Fame tribute series

This year we add a special caveat to FAME our annual production by starting a TRIBUTE series to ICONIC artists and albums starting with none other than Atlanta’s own Andre 3000's  THE LOVE BELOW album.

This ​Fashion Art Music and Experience is a spectacular colossus of artistry at its best.  Presenting an electrifying mash-up of dance styles, musical genres, live music, and fashion infusions.  This year as we turn it into a seamless enactment of the classic album THE LOVE BELOW, spectators will be amazed how the music is brought to life by dancers in the fashions of selected Atlanta designers and the additions of the live music by Atlanta's emerging artists all blend perfectly while the astounding artwork of the visual artist from all over the southeast enhance the mood of the production.

Screenshot_20221107_223348 (1).jpg

Technically a Tease 

This being a very special year for TrueTalent as we celebrate 9yrs in the business of curating events, developing artists  and community engagement. We are expanding our reach with the creation of Technically A Tease, our premier performance where we bring technically trained sexy dancers telling  stories of love through dance. 

  A music and dance production filled with Atlanta’s top dancers and performers that provides a provocative rhythmic interpretation of love that keeps you on the edge of your seat with anticipation of the next move. 

Screenshot_20221106_184952 (1)

Cool creators dance team

This is a collaboration of dancers from Atlanta's surrounding Colleges and Universities.  This team will allow colleges to come together as a community and be exposed to the beauty of collaboration.

Our purpose is to encourage and create opportunities for all to participate and appreciate the arts. We strive to create a place where indiviuals can realize thier potential, and where the community as a whole can share witness and support this process.


Coming september 2023

Coming February

Coming january

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